Right Start


The Center for Academic Success invites you to participate in Right Start

Right Start is a three-week workshop series where students meet with a professional for three consecutive weeks in the early portion of the semester.  These coaching workshops will introduce students to key concepts that should be utilized and refined early in the semester - Goal Setting, Time Management (includes providing tools and forms to help structure the process as well as discussions about sleep, nutrition and stress management), the PLRS study system, utilizing academic resources (including professor office hours) and brain based learning concepts.  What is special is the way these workshops are conducted and combined.  Students will have to register for this series in advance and must commit to attending all three workshops. 

The workshops will be hands-on, interactive and will try to establish accountability within the "team."  As a follow-up to the workshops, each student will be scheduled to meet with an academic coach for a personal academic consultation that includes an activity log that will help determine how well students are keeping up with the plans made during the series.  Students will be required to meet with the coach at least two times during the reminder of the semester and are MUST also use at least one campus academic resource.