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1-to-1 Tutoring

Students can begin booking tutoring appointments on Wednesday, 1/20/21 for Spring 2021.


Students may book 1:1 tutoring sessions at the link to the right!

These tutoring sessions are hosted by the office of Tutoring and Academic Support for the courses listed below. There are additional tutoring resources with drop-in tutoring, BME Focus tutoring, Explore LLC tutoring, and OMED Academic Support. Keep Calm and Tutor On!


Our 1-to-1 Tutoring sessions are being offered online via videoconference this spring. Please note that this method does make ensuring FERPA privacy a little more difficult.  Tutors will conduct video tutoring in a private location, and recommend that students do the same to limit the amount of information which could be overheard by others in the vicinity.  By agreeing to videoconference-tutoring, students are confirming they understand this situation.

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to schedule a tutoring session: https://youtu.be/kc2pbZmdvco

What is 1-to-1 Tutoring?

1-to-1 Tutoring is a free, appointment-based, CRLA Certified tutoring program offered to all Georgia Tech undergraduate students.

Tutoring is limited to students currently enrolled in the course. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. All in-person sessions are held in the tutoring lounge on the second floor of Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (Clough 273). See the policies section below for more details.

Who are the tutors?

Our peer tutors are undergraduate students who have excelled in the courses they support and have been trained in accordance with College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) International Tutor Training guidelines.

Online Tutoring Instructions for Students

Online tutoring sessions are designed to be student led and it is important that you are prepared to actively solve problems and articulate your own thought process.

Please follow the steps below for scheduling and joining Online 1-to-1 Tutoring Appointments

  1. Schedule a 1-to-1 Tutoring AppointmentYou should receive a confirmation email with instructions shortly after scheduling an appointment.
  2. Before the session begins, please download the BlueJeans app on your computer and mobile device (preferred).
    (https://gatech.bluejeans.com or search BlueJeans on the app store or google play)
  3. Gather material that you would like to work on during the session. You will be able to screen share with the tutor, so feel free to pull up any lecture notes, powerpoints, textbooks, etc. that you think will be useful on your computer.
  4. Bring paper and a writing utensil. You can use your phone as a document camera to show your work.
  5. To join the meeting, log on to TutorTrac (https://academicsupport.gatech.edu) and click the "Enter ONLINE Appointment" link.
    note: This link will only appear within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. The tutor may be conducting sessions back-to-back, so please respect other students' appointments and wait until your session is scheduled to begin before clicking the link.
  6. If you are also able to join using your phone, please do so. Mute the computer microphone and make sure your computer speaker is also muted. You will be using your phone for audio.
  7. Join the same BlueJeans meeting on your phone (either click "Join Meeting" button in the email invitation or join using the 9-digit meeting ID) Either way, select the "App Audio & Video" option. Make sure you join with "Microphone On" and "Video On" selected.

Fall 2020 1-to-1 Courses Supported List

Spring 2021 1-to-1 Courses Supported List will be released on Wednesday, 1/20 after MLK Holiday

We support over 100 undergraduate courses with an emphasis on courses for first- and second-year students. If you have trouble finding availability that fits your schedule for one of the courses on this list, please submit the form below.

ACCT 2101
AE 1601
AE 1601, 2010, 2220, 2610, 2611, 3030, 3140, 3330, 3340, 3610, 4451, 4532
BIOL 1510, 1520
BMED 2110, 2250, 2310, 2400, 3110, 3310, 3410, 3520, 4853A
CEE 1770, 2040, 2300, 3000, 3020, 3051, 3770
CHBE 2100, 2120, 2130, 3130, 3200, 3210, 3225, 4300, 4515
CHEM 1211K, 1212K, 1310, 1315, 2311, 2312, 2313, 3371, 3411, 3511, 4511, 4512
COE 2001, 3001
CS 1301, 1315, 1331, 1332, 1371, 2050, 2110, 2200, 2316, 2340, 3510, 3600, 4400, 4641, 4731
EAS 1601, 2600
ECE 2020, 2026, 2031, 2035, 2036, 2040, 3020, 3030, 3084, 3710, 3741
ECON 2106
FREN 1001, 1002, 2001
ISYE 2027, 2028, 3030, 3044, 3133, 3232, 3770
KOR 1001, 1002
MATH 1111, 1113, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1553, 1554, 1712, 2106, 2550, 2551, 2552, 2603, 3012, 3406, 3670, 4581
ME 1770, 2016, 2110, 2202, 3017, 3322, 3340, 3345
MGT 3000
MSE 2001
NRE 2120
PERS 1001, 1002
PHYS 2021, 2022, 2211, 2212, 2231, 2232, 3021, 3122, 3143, 3201
POL 1101
PSYC 1101
SPAN 2001, 2002, 3101

Can't Find a Class?

If you do not see your course listed above, particularly a 1000- or 2000-level course, please email success@gatech.edu and we will try to find support for your class!

  • Tutoring is limited to students who are currently enrolled the the course at GT.
  • Students can schedule up to two appointments per week for each course in which they are currently enrolled.
  • Students must schedule appointments at least 24 hours but no sooner than two weeks in advance.
  • Students are given a 15 minute grace period to show up for their appointment before it is marked as Student Missed.
  • If a student needs to cancel an appointment, they can do so by by accessing Tutortrac at least 48 hours prior. If they need to cancel within the 48 hour time period, please contact the Tutoring Reception Desk (our virtual lobby here during Fall 2020) or email success@gatech.edu.
  • Failure to attend without canceling at least 48 hours in advance will result in a $15 fee charged to the student's Bursar's account.
  • Students who miss three appointments will be blocked from making additional tutoring appointments for the remainder of the semester..
  • If a student is unable to find availability that works with their schedule, they are encouraged to fill out an Unmet Tutoring Need form.
  • Complaints, problems, and issues concerning tutoring services, tutors, online scheduling, or any other matter pertaining to 1-to-1 Tutoring should be referred to our virtual lobby or success@gatech.edu.