Tutoring Application

Apply here to become a tutor for either the Learning Assistance Program, 1-to-1 Tutoring, or Peer Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS).


  • Overall GPA must be >3.0 and students must have earned "A's" in the course(s) they are going to tutor AND taken the courses at Tech (will be verified).
  • Must be in Good Academic Standing AND Good Judicial Standing (will be verified with the Dean of Students' Office).
  • Must have completed at least 1 semester at Tech (12+ credit hours).
  • Must have a faculty member who can provide you a referral for at least one of the subjects you can tutor.

Contact Information

Please provide your primary phone number (home or mobile).
You will find this 9-digit number on your Buzz card.

Tutoring Information

Check all that apply.
Check as many courses as you are interested in tutoring. 1-to-1 Tutors must be able to support a minimum of five courses. There is no minimum for PLUS Leaders. However, students must have obtained an "A" to be eligible to support each course.
Please list all other job activities that you are involved in and your weekly time commitment to each.
Reference must be a faculty member who teaches a subject that you plan to tutor. References will be contacted via email. Students applying for a position with PLUS must submit the "Faculty Recommendation Form" before they can be hired. This form can be obtained after first round interviews are conducted.

Preferred Program

Please rank from 1-3 (1 being the most preferred) which program you are most interested in a position with:


Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) sessions provide opportunities for students enrolled in traditionally challenging courses to work together to review course content, develop learning and study strategies, and prepare for exams. These voluntary sessions are offered several times each week and are facilitated by peer leaders (PLUS leaders) who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester. PLUS leaders meet with the Center staff and the instructor and attend the course each day with the students.
1-to-1 Tutoring is a free, appointment-based program offered to all Georgia Tech undergraduate students by the Center for Academic Success. Tutoring is available in many courses, with an emphasis on introductory freshman- and sophomore-level courses. Tutors in calculus, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, and engineering, as well as other courses, are available to meet with students in Clough Commons Suite 273.
The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is run by Residence Life and offers drop-in tutoring in math, physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, and statistics in a variety of residence hall locations. Tutoring is held Sunday - Wednesday from 8pm- 11pm in Freshman Learning Centers.


By submitting this application, I grant the Center for Academic Success permission to verify my GPA and any history of academic or student misconduct with the appropriate Georgia Tech departments.